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26th August 10AM-4PM and 27th August 10AM-1PM

International Children Days in Billund
Visit our HAMA-BEAD-ARCADE! EVERYTHING is automated here - push the button and the Hama-challenger dispenses a bead based challenge, complete the task and feed your creation into the Iron-Mongery which will iron, assess and reward your great work!

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28th August 6PM-11PM

TEDxAdventure i Aarhus
We'll TED-talk a bit about why play is super duper important and useful, but even more importantly, our Ornamentalist Tattoo Salon will be open for business during the intermission.

16th September 10.30-12.30

Visit our Bespokery in Ebeltoft, Denmark on 16th September and spruce up your spokes with flower comets, seventies ghosts, spoke-sausages and, of course, FLAMES!

Studio Visit

The wonderful culture blog and listings site Fine Spind has paid a visit to our studio and made a great photo series about it! See all our secrets, notes from adventures and treasure here!

The above photos are ©Fine Spind

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