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Design. Illustration. Education. Curation

We love playful communication and between us we have designed, thought, planned, schemed, illustrated and communicated for and with companies and organisations such as WWF, Design Museum, The House of Fairy Tales, Design Week, Danfoss, Camp Bestival, OKIDO and AGI. We have written and illustrated children's books, made jumping jacks, told fortunes and build money printing stations.

We love paper and we love the idea of analogue interaction - the fact that a printed piece of paper can prompt you to turn it into something else. (preferably a souvenir in its purest sense: An object that makes you remember.)

For the Scandinavian magazine AGI we wrote an article on playful communication and for the same issue we designed a cover that gave readers the order: 'PLAY!' ('LEG!'). If they did, they ended up with a medal 'FOR PLAYING' ('FOR LEG').

If you have children, you may have seen an activity book recently, if not, you may remember them from your own childhood - Most of the time these activities are very simple solve-the-task pages, we think they're an opportunity wasted. There are much more interesting things to do with this format, there's a real possibility to do something that challenges the brilliant minds of children at their own level and you will have a better time 'solving' the tasks if you can explore and find your own way, if you can make the page into your page.

Read about our children's museum guide for Museum Jorn in Denmark here.

Please email us for in-depth information about the projects pictured here. You are also very welcome to contact us if you think what we do would sit nicely with what you do.

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